Jan des Bouvrie

Jan des Bouvrie (1942). After completing his education at the Rietveld Academy, Jan des Bouvrie worked in his parents’ furniture- business. Now, he owns a leading interior design institute with its own design studio. Des Bouvrie’s designs have earned countless prices and decorations.

Designed for Safretti:
- Cubico
- Curva
- Carre
- Double-Vision
- Cube

Roderick Vos

Roderick Vos (1965). Studied at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. Gained work experience at Ingo Maurer in Munich and Kenji Ekuan in Tokyo. Since 2004 he has focussed entirely on product design in the fortified city of Heusden in Brabant.

Designed for Safretti:
- Gaya

Jort Mercuur

Jort Mercuur (1967). After finishing his education, Jort started his own company Mercuursteen. Jort Mercuur was also responsible for the furnishing of the museum Belvedere in Heerenveen (the Netherlands) with self-designed aluminium furniture.

Designed for Safretti:
- Riviera

Frans Schrofer

Frans Schrofer (1956). Graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven. His international trademark is designing contemporary fur­­ni­ture with a twist. "Hands-on Design creates Tools for Living" remains the guiding principle for the way in which Studio Schrofer operates.

Designed for Safretti:
- Prometheus
- OlympiQ
- Apollo

Henk Heres

Henk Heres (1960). After his studies at the Academy of Arts in Utrecht (1984), Henk Heres worked as a teacher and founded his own design bureau Henk Heres Design. He designed sofas, box springs, cabinets, dining tables and chairs, carpets and fabrics for national and international manufacturers.

Designed for Safretti:
- Nemo

Hugo de Ruiter

Hugo de Ruiter (1959). "(E)Motion in form and function is my favourite designtool. Furniture and interior products are like a third skin, it should fit you in many ways." Hugo graduated at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. He worked several years for Leolux as designer and design manager. In 2001 he started his own design office in Eindhoven.

Designed for Safretti:
- Eight
- Wave
- Diamond